Ageism…Man’s Eternal Search For Meaning


AGEISM…MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING! I recently read Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”.  This is my third reading of this thought provoking manuscript and since the first time I read it in my 30’s, each reading changes the way I view the life I am leading.  Frankl completed this book in nine days following his release from a concentration camp at the end of WW II.  He writes that his story is: “not about the suffering and death of great heroes and martyrs…but the sacrifices, the crucifixion and the deaths of a great army of unknown and unrecorded victims.”    Frankl recounts that he was no longer a psychiatrist but only number 119,104.  This is very significant since he was totally removed from his identity and given a totally new one.  This is truly what all of the stages of our life are about.  I will be sharing thoughts from this book with you through the next posts but the focus will be on what Frankl has to say about being stripped of all that is known and familiar and being reduced to the lowest denominator of sometimes hourly survival.  I honor this man who so fully lived and documented man’s search, our search for meaning.  What is your experience?  Have you read this great book?  We would love to know.

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