Ageism-Aging As A Way To The Light

If you have been a hardy soul, you have endured the previous blogs that scientifically document the potential to fall prey to the dark side of aging but take heart, there is an alternative.  Henri reminds us of Moses instructing his followers to: “Ask…of your elders, let them enlighten you.”  (Dr. 32:17).  Henri  states that those that can enlighten us are here today.  “Do you see them in our midst?  They are there, but statistics, surveys and questionnaires seldom reveal them to us.  The darkness of old age has been pretty well documented, but the light does not seem to fit into the computers and tabulation machines of the profit-makers,” states Nouwen.  Concerned people have now taken on the studies to dispel some of the myths of aging and close the gap separating the generations from each other.  Psychologist Bernice Neugarten writes: “So long as we believe that old people are poor, isolated, sick and unhappy (or, to the contrary, powerful, rigid and reactionary), we find the prospect of old age particularly unattractive.  We can then separate ourselves comfortably from older persons and relegate them to inferior status”.  Do you agree with these theories?   Do they resonate with you?  Do you sterotype people by age?  Let us know what you think.

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