I picked this topic because it is very hard for me to be the first to engage another in conversation.  I tend to be shy and not take up too much space so speaking feels like encroachment.  Writing has been my solution and with email and texting, no one need be bothered with my words, just scroll or delete!  Blogging is even less intrusive, take it or leave it…respond or ignore.  I am however, reaching out to discuss a topic that touches all mortals and that is our mortality.  We inherited it, we ignore it and we fear it.  Each day we survive, is a gift.  Each time we distract our minds with mediocre material is one less opportunity to dwell on our ultimate end.  Do not fault me for invading your space…if you have actually read this far, you have let me in.  I am merely trying to engage you, in dialogue, at your pace, in your own space.  Promise me you will engage yourself in the conversation.  I guarantee you will have a willing listener.  Try it and let me know how it goes.

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