Since the way to the light is through hope, humor is part of the process.  According to Henri, “humor is knowledge with a soft smile…knowledge with a soft smile is a great gift.”  If we laugh at ourselves in our life situations, we begin to realize that all is temporary.  We begin to acknowledge that , this too must pass.  As we gain the age of reason and beyond, it seems that those who grasp this truth are able to move on gently with grace to the next experience.  I wrote a poem in 1986 during a rough patch  that I would like to share with you.  I cn honestly say that we do have a choice of how we view our circumstances and choosing the light will always bring us home.


If ever I come to this place again…I will remember

                                                          I willl remember the pain I left here

                                                          but, I will not take it up again.

                                                         It  is  like an old skin I have discarded

                                                        and it will not fit anymore.

                                                         There will be new growth and

                                                         the pain that will accompany it.

                                                        But that too I will be asked to discard


                                                        so that I may go on and on and on…

                                                        each time  renewed…                                          

                                                                                 with Hope!”                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                  jg  1986

Hope and humor are the keys.  Do you agree?                                                                        

2 thoughts on “AGEISM–HUMOR AS A WEAPON”

  1. Joyce, your poem expresses so much. Hurt and grudges should play no part in life. Laughter! I am so blessed to be married to someone who makes me laugh. To go through these “older” years laughing and enjoying everyday are what’s important. Sure there are setbacks and bad decisions but we still laugh about a lot of things. And, yes, getting old is one of those things.

  2. Thanks Ginny. It is always a choice we make on how to view situations. It is important to have relationships that encourage us to laugh at setbacks and bad decisions. I am happy you are blessed with a spouse who makes you laugh. You are both blessed.


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