My newest resolution is to “be” in the moment.  So much of my life has been focused on the past and the future and being still and aware in the moment has been a challenge.  Now, as I am writing this, I am feeling less pressure to go beyond this moment.  Writing has always been a centering for me, a way to choose my words in the present.  Perhaps that is why social media and texting are so important to society today.  Communicating, using the written word, stops me for a moment in order to collect my thoughts, which happens less when I am speaking in a stream of consciousness.  That is not to say that everything I write should be shared, nor is it, but it is in the moment of composition that I am truly focused on the moment.  That being said, I have been on the planet during the greatest technological advances in our ability to communicate the written word.  However, what is being communicated probably hasn’t changed that much in thousands of years.  The desire to be understood by and to understand others is at the root of all communication.  That is the purpose of my writing and this blog.  I want to connect the generations and affirm that regardless of our tools of communication, and, regardless of our race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or age, we can, if we are in the moment, communicate and understand one another.  Let me know your thoughts.

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