Have you ever met someone who you immediately connected with that you had nothing in common with such as: race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or age?  This happens to me frequently but it is just recently that I have begun to question why.  It occurs to me that the Spirit transcends all of these differences since they are all grounded in the mind, body and emotions.  The more I question, the more I have come to accept that there is a part of me that attracts and is attracted to a life force that I recognize as Spirit.  This attraction ultimately invites conversation and that is the place where we disclose that fact, sharing frequently,  the circumstances when and how we first “knew”.   According to St. Thomas Aquinas, “…some divine truths are attainable by human reason, while others surpass the power of human reason.”  I find that the conversations that are the result of spiritual attraction tend to concentrate on affirming that our experiences transcend human reason and that we can connect spiritually regardless of our religious beliefs, age, race, color, gender or sexual orientation.  Let me know if you agree.

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