Heni J.M. Nouwen

Heni J.M. Nouwen has written the book, “Aging. The Fulfillment of Life”, which, I believe,summarizes what he refers to as “the great wheel of life”. He considers each phase of life as “spokes on a wheel” and the turning the “fulfillment of the life cycle moving forward”. Nouwen believes that, “Aging does not need to … Read more


Everyone has mentors that they follow to use as an example of excellence. Baseball hopefuls swing like their heroes and financial wizard “wanna bes” study all the suggestions of the Wall Street icons. Those of us looking forward to an “older age” often tap into those who were born decades before us. I have chosen … Read more


We hear so much today about “reinventing” ourselves. Have you ever reinvented yourself? How did you do it? I can’t seem to get the knack of it although I have tried. The best I can do is bring myself into the environment in which I find myself. The first moving pictures had scenery on a … Read more