I have always believed that it is good to remain flexible mentally, physically and emotionally and to be in tune with my environment in order to adjust to any changes in real time.  Easy to say and so hard to do.  I find myself being lulled into a false sense of comfort and ease that makes me unaware of impending change.  I say this today, five days after an event that rocked my world.

I am leaving a work system that has not only nourished me and my Family physically but fed my very soul.  I was preparing to leave so I was beginning to deal with all of the stages of grief that such a separation would ultimately result in.  However, the decision needed to be made immediately and leaves me to catch up with my thoughts and emotions.

This is not the first time that an abrupt upheaval has moved me.  I know, as humans, we go through many changes in our lives.  Some we choose and some are the result of someone else’s choices.  I feel fortunate to have had many opportunities to learn how to adjust and to know that many changes can only be truly appreciated in the rear view mirror.

Looking back I have honestly said to myself many times that a life altering change that seemed to be a calamity at the time was truly a blessing and if it had not happened, I would not be experiencing the good it brought about.

Some of the good can be measured in the physical but most of it takes place in my spirit and it urges me  to move forward in God’s Will for my life.  Truly I have found that every circumstance does give me the freedom and liberty to move forward.  Each time I make the choice to set out on a new path, I find that it is the very same path I have been on but just a little closer to my true Home. I plan to use this space to share my experiences as I write this new chapter in my life and I invite you to join me.



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