Dangers and Possiblilites of Aging

Henri asks us to see the elderly as our teachers…”the ones who tell us about the dangers as well as the possibilites in becoming old”…they will be able to show us that aging is not only a way to darkness but also  a way to light.”  Nouwen contends that in taking care of the elderly, we can be “cured” of our “separatist tendencies” and bring us into “intimate contact” with our own aging.  The concept is as natural as all therapy to cure phobias.  Henri is calling us to “face our fear” and place ourselves in direct contact with that which we run from…our own mortality.  People who fear flying are encouraged to participate in therapy which simulates flight and eventually they are taken in the air, with support, to minimize their phobia.  Henri believes that exposure to the cause is the cure!  He hopes that those who are old and those who care find each other so that healing and new life can come forth.  The purpose of this blog is to bring the generations together to have the conversation.  Is there a place in our society for those who feel “invisible”?  Will you help “shine a light on ageism”?

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