I am often overwhelmed when I make the time to take in the beauty of creation.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, the grass grows, the flowers bloom and the birds sing. It is during these times of reflection that I allow God’s Grace to enter my being.  It is a gift that allows me to realize that there is a Divine Order and that we humans, as much as we might argue otherwise, are subject to it.  If I take a moment and study a bee  flying from flower to flower I see there is a purpose to his efforts as it gathers and deposits the pollen.   The bee with no power of reason follows Divine Order without questioning or arguing the purpose of his movements.  However, I have the free will to choose my path and purpose even if it is in direct conflict with Divine Order.  In the Lord’s Prayer we ask that His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  It is through His Grace that I can pray that His Will be done in me as it is in Heaven.  When I look at the bee I can see how much is accomplished through this insect as part of the plan through all creation.  I pray for the grace to be more aware of my ability to sincerely cooperate with God’s Will in my life.

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