Four years ago this blog was hacked and locked down.  I am so grateful that a very talented computer expert was not only able to unlock my site but was able to preserve my posts.  The good news is that re-reading them after this amount of time has recommitted me to continue to share my personal thoughts on aging in a world that does not honor the process or the aged.  I have come to these conclusions through my own experiences as well as observations.  I admire individuals who are able to express their fears and phobias and fully face them.  The fear of decline and death is very subtle and resides inside all of us.  We are comfortable in our own skin and who wants to watch it turn into crepe paper and wrinkle up.  Philosophers like Heni Nouwen postulated that people don’t want to face their own inevitability of death and so they avert their eyes from the elderly and  focus on something else.  I am further down the road than most of you and believe me, it has become more difficult to avert my eyes and my focus.  I am more fortunate than some to have added on all of these years and yet how many is enough?  As you age, your body keeps reminding you as if mirrors aren’t enough. Nouwen encourages us (me) to make friends with the aging stranger inside of me.  That is easier said than done.  To do so I would have to admit that she and I are the same age!  I have aged four years since I last posted on this blog and yet, it is like it was yesterday.  This blog is my way of facing my inevitability and sharing my thoughts with the aging stranger inside of me.  I am graced that I believe that there is more beyond this life but the mystery surrounding the transfer from one to the next is fodder for another posting.  It is great to be back, four years is a long time.

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