The world has changed in the past few months due to COVID-19 but have I?  What has always struck me is that I am always drawn to statistics about large numbers of individuals dying at the same time.  It is the shock value of the quantity leaving our planet.  The truth is, it is an individual who is leaving since we die one at a time, and one death should raise the same awareness in me whether it is in our country or a distant land.  Yes, the cause of the death of these astounding numbers alarms me because this cause knows no geography, language, economic status or culture.  It does tend to prey on the most vulnerable but does that make it unique?  What makes it unique is the random categories it affects.  Each day becomes a look into my future.  What new symptoms are there…do I have any of them?  The irony of the vigilance is that it should always be there, not in a way to cause me anxiety each moment of my day, but in the sense that my future is known.  I will be leaving some day but I do have this moment to reach out to those I love and let them know.  The death of the Spirit is to be mourned beyond the death of the body.  I do believe in the resurrection of the body and life after death.  I have no proof but I have the Hope.  I have seen that people who have symptoms of a life threatening illnesses take the opportunity to make choices about the next days, hours, minutes and seconds.  This virus has made me do that also.  I cannot say that I am aware every moment, but I am making a sincere effort to be conscious in the present and take the opportunity to be grateful for the air I breathe and the gifts that surround me.  I hope to never to return to my complacency and that this virus has changed me forever…for the better.

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