Each day we read of  restrictions being lifted that were imposed during the most recent COVID-19 surge.  That is all taking place outwardly but what am I doing personally to open myself up to fully receive life?  How many times have I “masked” my true feelings and concern for those around me.  How many times do I intentionally “isolate” myself from encountering others in their space?  All of these restrictions are self imposed and able to be lifted at any time but it will require me to issue my own “Executive Order” to myself.  We live in a free and open society but I am limited by my own prejudices and fears of being harmed physically, emotionally or spiritually.  These fears are mostly reality based and come from the experiences of my life but the “what ifs” are a larger part of what controls my freedom to be truly free.   Each new day I can make the choice to release myself from my self imposed restrictions and choose to live life to the fullest by opening myself to its possibilities.  Today I choose to “unmask” myself and not “isolate” or “insulate” myself from those around me.  This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad.

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