The times when I have been tempted to be discouraged about what is happening in my life or in the world I only have to reflect on times when things righted themselves without any intervention from me.  Perspective and faith are two words that have become my mantra as I age. My perspective of a situation resides within me and I determine the angle of my view.  I filter everything through the lens of my own life experience and sometimes vicariously through the lens of those I trust.  As I have mentioned in the past, my perspective is more clear through my rear view mirror than when I am actually face to face with any situation.  There is one truth,  however, that continues to rise above every new situation.  That is that even though a new challenge may look different than the one before, it becomes easier to trust that it too shall right itself and I am able to face that challenge with more resilience.  Those of us who have lived many decades have faced a myriad of personal and world challenges. I was alive during WW II when many families, including mine, were minus their fathers for four years while they were fighting in the armed services.   I have witnessed the assassinations of President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in the 6o’s as well as the Viet Nam War.  Those who are older than me have also lived through a world wide depression that crippled the nation.  What we elders have to offer the younger generations is the encouragement to keep on trusting that they are part of the fabric of  a great nation and the resilience they are gaining now will be the encouragement for the generations to come.


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  1. Great insights. Thank for your dedicated public service for several decades. All the best. GOD bless you.


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