Psalm 31

Rejection of aging and the aged is not new to our generation.  Psalm 31 proves that it it is passed on from generation to generation:

Take pity on me,  Yahweh, I am in trouble now.

Grief wastes away my eye, my throat, my inmost parts.

For my life is worn our with sorrow, my years with


My strength yields under misery, my bones are

wasting away.

I am contemptible,

Loathsome to my neighbors,

To my friends a thing of fear.

Those who see me in the street

hurry past me;

I am forgotten, a good as dead in their hearts.

something discarded.


Henri follows with: “Something discarded-that is what too many men and women have become today”.

Just from my own experience and observations, I think that this is a common experience for some who reach old age.   What do you think?  Is it just human nature to deny the aging process in ourselves or can we educate society, beginning with the young, that old age is a stage of life to embrace and look forward to?     More to follow…

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