We hear so much today about “reinventing” ourselves. Have you ever reinvented yourself? How did you do it? I can’t seem to get the knack of it although I have tried. The best I can do is bring myself into the environment in which I find myself. The first moving pictures had scenery on a roll that was sped up or slowed down to indicate the action. The actors stood in front and reacted to what was going on behind them. They weren’t in the action, they were reacting. One of my goals is not to react to what is going on around me but to be myself and direct my action more than take direction from circumstances. I am not always successful but I have had plenty of practice in my almost 7 decades. What experience has taught me is that if I keep trying to reinvent myself to fit a situation I may temporarily lose myself. Do you think this is true? This is only my observation but it seems that when I bring myself to a new situation, I bring everything about me that I experienced before. When I have visited different countries I learned about new cultures but I came home myself. ie. When in Rome… When I was in high school I tried reinventing myself. I changed my name to Jinx, it never caught on, I was still “dull” me. When I was divorced, I tried again but at the end of the day, I was still me but, I pray, a better, less judgemental version. I have had many good and not so good life experiences and at the end of the day, you guessed it… What have been your observations? If you did reinvent yourself, how did you do it? Did you go through the exercise more than once? I need your input…when you are ready.

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  1. When we are young we try to reinvent ourselves. But, I think we are trying to “establish” ourselves and don’t know that is what we are doing. I too tried to change the spelling of my name. I was the only one who wrote “Ginni”. I don’t believe we can “reinvent” ourselves. We can “change” ourselves. How can we not? With every relationship we change. Whether we stay with one person forever or move on to the next relationship we change. But, in the end I am still me. It is our life experiences that change us. We bring our life experiences to “old” age. We are who we are. We need to accept that in our significant other and in ourselves.

  2. I totally agree it is in relationships that we are able to change. I am a very insular person (my friends sometimes refer to me as the “vault”). When I am in this mode I recirculate my own thoughts and ideas without feed back. It is in loving (and sometimes not so loving) relationships that truth is able to surface and be known. I value your comments and the opportunity to seek truth.


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